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Simple Design, Prototyping and Collaboration.

Quality, consistency and dynamism are three main characteristics of our company, which allow it to study, execute and deliver high-quality modern thermohydraulic and natural gas projects


Our Company

The experience and occupation in the field of modern thermohydraulic systems and natural gas offers our customers complete solutions in private, professional and special construction areas.


Our Mission


Our business mission can be summed up in a concept: innovation, in order to interpret and successfully meet the market needs. Innovation, for our company, can be translated into three aspects: design, technology and quality.


Established 2005

A Design Agency, that loves to make you look good.

Our products

We operate simultaneously in the field of imports, with reliable, innovative and modern products of high standards and we offer you a multi-year guarantee for them, as well as for our work.


Our people

Our workshops have been selected according to strict criteria, so that they have the necessary technical knowledge/certifications of our work object. In addition, continuous training in technical and safety issues guarantee high quality services.

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New challenges

Passionate People on Our Team

We built with great dedication and passion and we did with every fibre of our being. Now is the time to think about a new phase, we are ready to face the new challenges that lie ahead with courage and enthusiasm, stronger than before, in accordance with protocols for the safety and health protection of people and work environment.


Souliou 3, Glika Nera

15354 Attica, Greece

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